Media Interview on Stolen Gun Used In Charlie's Case

Credit: TBO

Credit: TBO

This is the reality of my life. That one gun. That one guy. My life, my future, my kids, and everything in between shattered into a thousand pieces with a knock on my door. 

While your life still has moved on, our hasn't so please remember us on days Ike this. 


We still need you - especially during the holidays...the time of year you couldn't wait for.


Stolen - with Ken Amaro, First Coast News, Jacksonville

This interview was important because the gun used to murder Charlie was stolen from an unlocked car in Jacksonville.  I know that another gun could've been used but it wasn't. It was THIS gun that made it into the hands of a convicted felon.  It was THIS gun that was used to destroy my family. 

It took some time mentally to prepare myself to talk about that night but I wanted to help First Coast News with anything that could possibly save another family from the trauma my family has endured the past three years. 

This was NOT about gun control as we have always had guns in our home. 

Ken Amaro was extremely respectful, professional, and very caring during this interview along with the photographer/videographer, and the director. I appreciate their mission to bring awareness to the ongoing issue of unlocked cars. Hopefully the message is taken seriously.   

Thank you, First Coast News for reaching out and allowing me to share Charlie's story.  


Police officer's widow breaks silence, addressing stolen guns from unlocked cars with Chip Osowski from WFLA Channel 8

Thank you, Chip Osowski for reaching out to us. It's my hope that this story could possibly save just one life. 

Again, this isn't about gun control; it's about being responsible. Take an extra minute to lock your door or keep your gun with you. Stolen guns are a HUGE problem and all it takes is forgetting just one time and your gun could end up in the wrong hands. The hands that may take a life and destroy a family. Look at ours. 


Law Enforcement Today with Jay Wiley, June 2018

I was honored to be a part of Law Enforcement Today speaking to Jay Wiley about Charlie's sacrifice and the struggles of fallen familes. 


Law Enforcement Today follow up with John Jay Wiley, 6/2018

A follow up with John Jay Wiley from Law Enforcement Today. 


Investigation Discovery Channel

Chaos in Court - Season one, episode one

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